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About Us

Slatengine - our story...

The founding directors of Slatengine come from an academic background. Like all students they experienced the challenge of sourcing appropriate academic material, related to their area of interest, while studying for their Masters Degree.

After the hard work and study developing a quality thesis, it occurred to them that the long hours, days, weeks and months of academic study had been compiled and submitted. The product of their study and hard work is marked and filed away, only to be archived to gather dust; probably never to be used again. It was difficult to accept that so much useful information had been taken off the radar with very limited or no access to the document.

Why not make all this information and the product of the research, the coursework, the article, the thesis, available to be used by other students and researchers; now or in the future, near or globally?

No knowledge nor information should be wasted! This idea and belief gave birth to Slatengine.

Slatengine is an online repository, built with the aim of ensuring that all academic research is widely available to be used by future students, scholars, researchers and just about anyone in need of academic papers, thesis, articles and journals that are relevant to their area of interest.

Slatengine reaches out to the global academic community by giving individuals the potential to access a wide range of material from anywhere in the world, regardless of geographic limitations or boundaries, from the comfort of their home, library, school or study, over the Internet.

Slatengine provides a common sharing and meeting platform for scholars who have invested their time and resources to develop quality academic papers and for students in search of such knowledge or information.

More importantly, "If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it" Margaret Fuller (1810-1850).

“In summary Slatengine is for the seekers, discoverers and holders of knowledge”