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1.   How do I register on Slatengine?

  • Registration is easy on Slatengine. You will need to create your personal profile which includes your name, email address and password. Click on "Register" type in your details and submit.

2.   Can I upload without registering?

  • Registration is required for all uploads. This ensures your uploaded document is tagged to your personal account.

3.   Can I download documents for free?

  • Yes. All documents can be downloaded for free.

4.  How do I know the content of the articles before download?

  • After searching for a relevant document, the user can read the executive summary of the document by either clicking on the “Preview” button or clicking on “View Details” to access the document details page.

5.  How do I find documents relevant to my research subject in Slatengine?

  • The search function can be used to do a default search of the Slatengine online repository and the Advanced Search function can be used to narrow down a search to department or courses of interest.

6.  Can I download without registering?

  • Registration is required before downloads can be made.

7.  How do I upload my thesis?

  • It is suggested that you create a new folder on your computer’s desktop and save your main project document which you want to upload to Slatengine in this folder. Ensure other related files (e.g. Appendices) are embedded in the main document. Once the file is saved and ready; please follow the steps below,
    • Login with your login details
    • Click on the "Upload File" bar to add your file
    • Access and select the file to upload with the file browser;
    • Under the "Select/Add Department(s)"; scroll to click related department to uploaded file/project.
    • Under the "Add Course(s) related to uploaded file/Project"; click to select related Course(s)
    • Select the research institute/university’s Country where document(s) was researched and produced
    • Select File Type from options available (Coursework; Article/Journals; Project/Thesis)
    • Enter the description or executive summary of your uploaded document(s) - minimum number of words will be mandatory depending on file selected.
    • Click on "Review Upload
    • Review your upload, accept terms & conditions, and then confirm upload

8.  Why do I need a description or executive summary for my document?

  • The executive summary contains the information which is relevant to the downloader of the document. 

9.  How can I find and download a document (Thesis, article or coursework)

  • Enter your preferred search keyword and click on the “Search” button to return search results from the Slatengine online repository. From the search results, select a file and click on the preview button to read the executive summary. If interested in downloading any document, please follow below steps. a)Click on "View Details" to access more information about the document. b)Click on the “Green Download Icon” to add to your Cart c)Click on the "Checkout" button for your free download d)Update your billing address and click on continue e)Accept the Terms and Conditions and click on continue again f) Click on "Confirm Order" g) Click on my download on the order confirmation message

10.  How do I know if I can legally upload my thesis onto Slatengine?

11.  Who owns student’s project or academic thesis/coursework?

  • By default, students own their academic thesis/coursework. If you answer “yes” to any of below questions, you may have to further clarify and confirm with your institution if in doubt. a)Did you sign away your copyright when you signed on for your course? b)Are you a member of staff of the University whilst studying or, studying under University scholarship? c)Did you do your research and reporting whilst working as an intern for a company? d)Is your research company sponsored? e)Did you study under a company scholarship?

12.  What should I do if my thesis fails the QC check during the upload process?

  • We would normally recommend you review your document to ensure it is genuine, your personal piece of work and worthy of good quality. If confident it has failed unfairly; please contact Slatengine through “” with details of the upload feedback on why it failed. We would endeavour to review and feedback to you as soon as possible.

13.  Why can’t I upload my documents?

  • There are a number of reasons; a)Failing the file validation process b)You are uploading an unacceptable file extension e.g. *.zip

14.  What is the format my document must comply with to be acceptable to Slatengine

  • The file formats acceptable for upload on Slatengine are *.txt, *. doc, *.docx, *.xls, *.xlsx, *.ppt, *.pptx, *.pdf