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How It Works

Upload your thesis, articles, journals and coursework to the Slatengine platform!

Several hours, days, weeks and months of academic studies, now compiled, submitted & marked but no longer filed away to be forgotten or to gather dust!

University and college students register on Slatengine and upload their thesis, articles, journals and even coursework which are worthy of adding to the body of knowledge.

Search for thesis, articles, journals and coursework on the Slatengine platform!

Slatengine also serves as a Knowledge Management platform to ensure records of past research are readily available to furnish further studies or research. Learn from history and use as a platform for improvement.

As students study, researchers explore and entrepreneurs seek new ideas and information, Slatengine serves as an online repository to search for information on their related areas of interest.

Download thesis, articles, journals and coursework from the Slatengine platform!

Slatengine encourages recycling of information for the benefit of its users. As students continue to upload their research documents, thereby helping others to learn and develop from their research, Slatengine believes more eureka moments will be realized as its users find answers to their research and works.

Registered users can search on Slatengine to find documents of interest to aid their research or project, such documents can be downloaded for a token fee.

Slatengine Adds Enduring Value

For your hours, days, weeks and months of academic studies, Slatengine ensure your work remains visible to the global community while you are adding value to the world of academia. 

"An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest"-Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790).