If you are reading this, you may have asked the question while reading about Slatengine. If you are planning to upload your academic thesis/project on Slatengine, it is most likely you will be seeking clarification on this subject. So, who owns the academic thesis, which has been compiled by a student under the supervision of an academic tutor or company/industrial professional?

Who owns their academic thesis?

 The good news is that by default, Students (mostly graduates now), generally own the copyright to their academic thesis/project report.

Below are links to Universities in UK, USA and Canada to substantiate this.


In some circumstances, there are other factors which students and graduates need to consider prior to uploading and making their knowledge available on Slatengine.

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To clarify on this topic, one will need to consider the different contributors that may have added value to the project or research work. Institutions (University & College), the Student, Groups of Students and Companies often add value to student’s research or project, during the completion of their academic studies in order to obtain a Bachelors’ degree, Masters or PhD qualification. This further highlights the possibility that the ownership of the final project report may vary.

Although students should generally own their academic project/thesis report; listed below are some additional considerations to think about.

  • Were you a member of the University staff while studying?
  • Did you study under a University scholarship?
  • Did you do your research and reporting whilst working as an intern for a company?
  • Is your research fully company sponsored?
  • Did you study under a company scholarship?

If any of the above applies to you, there is the likelihood that you may have signed a confidential agreement with the Company or University, or signed off the copyright of your research or project report. As the terms of such agreement can vary or expire after a period of time, it is advisable that you review the signed agreement or check with the company or university.

If you are (or were) a self-financing student and none of the above considerations apply to you, by default, you should own the copyright of your most valued work (project/thesis report) from your academic study. As the copyright owner, you have the exclusive right to control the reproduction and distribution of the work.

You may think of your thesis/project report as just another ordinary document required to pass your academic course or degree; Slatengine sees it as your valued knowledge which should be shared.

“Knowledge increases by sharing but not by saving” – Kamari aka Lyrikal

Sharing knowledge is vital for future generations. Share your knowledge today; add positively to the future.

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