The world is in the information age where the level of exchange and transfer of knowledge is unprecedented. Although information and knowledge will continue to be exchanged around the world, there is also the growing issue of what can be legally transferred, exchanged or uploaded onto the internet.

Thesis and dissertations are valuable academic materials which Slatengine believes are useful to researchers and students and other professionals. You will agree the world welcomes knowledge exchange but if it is shared without due consent and approval, it can equally result in legal issues.

So, can graduates or students legally upload their thesis, articles, journals or coursework onto Slatengine?



Without any doubt, the answer is “Yes You Can”; provided you are the author or owner of the uploaded document. You can refer to our previous blog article for clarity on who owns an academic project or thesis.



Graduates and Students are the primary author and owner of academic works and should have the rights to distribute, transfer, upload or lease their thesis and dissertations.

Slatengine is aware Universities and Colleges may request their Students sign a “Thesis Deposit Declaration Form” while submitting their dissertation to the University. This simply means the academic institution is seeking the student’s permission, (the student being the owner of the academic work); to make it available in their library, send it on inter-library loan or digitised the work and make it available for their students.

By uploading their work onto the Slatengine website, the student and graduates do not surrender ownership of the thesis/dissertation, they continue to own the copyright of the uploaded academic works. Slatengine serves as a platform to ensure that their thesis is not left to gather dust or archived away in their computer thus, making their thesis/dissertation globally accessible while the owner completely retains the copyright.

Slatengine requires authorisation from the owner of a thesis/dissertation before a work can be published. The author grants permission to Slatengine to publish the thesis at the point of registration/upload.

More importantly, “Knowledge increases by sharing but not by saving” Kamari aka Lyrikal.